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Experiences & Activities

You will be able to share special moments with your loved ones, such as bird watching in a region with more than 800 species or butterflies with a surprising variety in our lodge, visit indigenous communities or do night activities, live an adventure that leads to learning.

Amazon Açaí Lodge offers all this and much more.

Fill your eyes with the amazing natural beauty of the Amazon, wrap your adventure with our experiences and activities.

Just a few days at Amazon Açaí Lodge transforms the way we see the world and provides a natural escape from everyday life.

senderos en selva amazonica
Expedición en selva Amazonica


Amazon Açaí Lodge is surrounded by jungle with an overwhelming diversity, our guides can accompany you along the trails that wind through the surrounding rainforest and connect with the river. You never know what you may find along the way... but they will interpret it in detail. the dynamics of each ecosystem, as well as its components in terms of fauna and flora. Among the most frequent species are: "renacos", strangler figs, Açaí palms, heliconias, bromeliads and an interesting variety of birds and insects.

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Caminata nocturna en Amazonas


Night explorations in the jungle allow our travelers to enjoy the night choirs and sounds of the jungle, as well as become aware of the symphony of the jungle, as we try to discover  Those who make it up, nightlife is mostly comprised of insects, nocturnal birds, spiders such as tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, toads and the probability of finding snakes.

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Exploración nocturna en la selva
Horned Screamer
Observación de aves en el Amazonas


The Amazon it is a region blessed by nature, its vast and rich biodiversity in fauna and flora make it a favorite destination for nature lovers, especially for those who like to practice bird watching.

In the department of Amazonas you can find more than 750 species of birds (Colombia has 1,889 species of birds), which adorn the jungle sky with their beautiful colors and sounds. So if you are one of those who loves doing this activity, Amazon Açaí Lodge is your ideal place.

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Mariposas de Amazon Açaí


The humid Amazon rainforest has a rich variety of animals and plant species. Colombia has 3,877 species that represent 20% of all butterfly species in the world, which makes our Amazon region a refuge for a large number of species of the world's butterfly population. Some are more abundant than others but at Amazon Açaí Lodge we can register a large number of these beautiful winged jewels.

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Mariposas del Amazonas
Kayak en el Amazonas
Kayak sobre el rio Amazonas


This is a great way to do a little exploring on your own time. We will kayak on the open waters of the great Amazon River, and the Guakarí River. You will have the opportunity to see monkeys, Hoatzins and many other birds of the tropical jungle, also how majestic our Amazon River is. as well as the riverside vegetation or resting on a beach if it is dry season.

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The Amazon River and its thousands of tributaries as well as the innumerable lake ecosystems that they form are the habitat of more than three thousand species of fish, adding reptiles and mammals, of this last group, perhaps the most representative are the pink dolphins, fortunately the population of these Animals are stable in our region, which is why during a short boat ride there is a chance of finding them feeding or playing in certain areas of the river near our Lodge.    

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Delfines de rio en Amazon Açaí Lodge
Visita a la Fundación Maikuchiga
Santurario de monos


The Maikuchiga foundation, "Home of the Monkeys" is located in the Mocagua indigenous reservation, 15 minutes by boat from our lodge. carry out dedicated conservation work such as caring for, rehabilitating and releasing confiscated animals, especially primates and birds, and when appropriate, reintegrating them into wild populations. One of our commitments as a company is to support these conservation initiatives, raising awareness to our travelers the achievements after years of conservation work, during our visit we will be able to appreciate several species of primates in readaptation processes in the wild.

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Comunidades indigenas Ticunas


The department of Amazonas is home to about 27 indigenous groups such as Witotos, Cocamas, Ticunas, Yaguas, Yucunas, Macunas, Boras, Ocainas, near our Lodge are the reservations of Macedonia, Vergel, Libertad, Mocagua, and their communities that we can visit, learn about each culture by carrying out cultural exchange with its inhabitants; We will learn about the mother tongue, its myths, legends and its ancestral history.    

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Indigenas del Amazonas
Tour Puerto Nariño



Puerto Nariño is a model municipality known as the natural manger of Colombia due to the picturesque nature of its urbanization. It is also recognized for its focus on environmental conservation and sustainable ecotourism, located on the banks of the Loreto Yacu and Amazonas rivers. The town is characterized by vehicular traffic restrictions and offers the possibility of unique experiences during our visit getting to know the indigenous culture of the region.

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Experiencias Amazon Açaí Lodge
Isla de los MIcos
Isla de los Micos


The Island of the Monkeys, located one hour away from our lodge on the Amazon River in Colombia, is known for its population of friar monkeys, also called squirrel monkeys. These monkeys are a main attraction on the island due to their curious behavior and trusting appearance towards visitors. Visitors can observe and sometimes interact with these monkeys in their natural habitat, making the island a popular destination for ecotourism and wildlife viewing in the Amazon region.

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