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Amazon Açaí Lodge Services

Amazon Açaí Lodge provides a personalized service focused on your experience, comfort and safety. Our cabins face the Amazon River and the jungle, each one is independent, ensuring total privacy, in addition each one has private terraces for reading or observation and hammocks to relax, a large private bathroom and hot water that works with solar panels. Our orthopedic mattresses, cotton sheets and the jungle symphony will allow you to rest in a unique way.

Amazon Açaí Lodge Guides

A representative from Amazon Açaí Lodge will meet you at the Leticia airport, and will assist you with our transportation to the Amazon River. Upon arrival, a guide will assist you, and then leave in our boat, sailing on the great Amazon River, upstream towards the lodge. Once at the lodge, a great team of people will guarantee that your experience is unforgettable.


Amazon Açaí Lodge Experiences


During your stay with us, you will be accompanied on all your excursions by an expert naturalist guide and a native guide. Both are experienced interpreters, with years of experience, friendly and interesting when it comes to showing us and talking to us about the fascinating natural world of the Amazon, they are  willing to share all their knowledge with our travelers.

Gastronomy Amazon Açaí Lodge


From dawn to dusk, you can always count on a member of staff to help you with your food and beverage needs. Coffee and drinking water are unlimited in our lodge. Our bar is fully stocked with local and international beers, spirits and drinks. Feel free to start an account and pay the night before you leave.

Amazon Açaí Lodge
Restaurante IYUMAI Amazon Açaí Lodge
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