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Come live the Amazon.

Una familia de riberiños

Amazon Açaí Lodge is the perfect place to connect with the Amazon.

Mono Capuchino Blanco

Tours, bird watching, visits to native communities, piranha fishing, fauna and flora.

Puerto Nariño

Enjoy a lodge that has it all in the Amazon.

Viajeros en Amazonas

With your trip you contribute directly to the economy of our communities and conservation.


Welcome to a place that has it all and 

Live a pleasant stay and a vital experience.

Amazon Açaí Lodge

A simply seductive place 

Amazon Açaí Lodge is an exquisite jungle hotel located in the lush Amazon jungle. This eco-friendly lodge offers a unique experience, fusing comfort with the authenticity of nature. Surrounded by biodiversity, guests can enjoy jungle adventures, explore the flora and fauna.

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