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Enjoy the wonder of the Amazon, live unique experiences in the jungle.

Amazon Aventura Plan

Day 1 Arrival in Leticia

  • Arrival at Vásquez Cobo airport in the city of Leticia.

  • Reception and transfer by the Amazon Açaí Lodge team.

  • Transfer to the river dock on the banks of the great Amazon River.

  • Departure by boat up the Amazon River to Amazon Açaí Lodge.

  • During the trip you will be able to appreciate the “imaginary point” of the three borders, the meeting point between Brazil, Peru and Colombia, as well as a spectacular view of the great Amazon River and its banks loaded with lush vegetation that adorns riverside towns in Peru and Colombia.

  • Arrival at Amazon Açaí Lodge, reception and welcome juice, accommodation.

  • Dinner at the restaurant

  • Night walk in the mainland jungle, observation of nocturnal fauna, during the activity we can discover a jungle full of nightlife with countless different sounds, which create a true jungle symphony.


Day 2 Walk in the jungle

  • Optional: Wake up 5:30 a.m. Canoe outing for bird watching. (it is suggested to bring binoculars).

  • Breakfast 7:30 a.m.

  • During the morning we will make an incursion into the mainland jungle, during our tour we will recognize species used in ethnobotany, learning about the dynamics of the jungle, tree species such as capinuri, açaí, aguaje, rubber, and others of importance to cultures. premises. 

  • Visit to the “Grandfather” tree, ceiba tree, a centenary tree.

  • Observation of fauna of the mainland area. (approximately 3 hours of walking)

  • Return to the lodge.

  • Lunch at Amazon Açaí Lodge.

  • During the afternoon we will reconnoiter the area of bodies of water such as the banks of the Amazon River and the Guakarí ravine in traditional canoes, we will visit the lakes on river islands in front of the lodge, we will appreciate the flooded jungle landscape in rowing canoes, the jungle aquatic trails. , if the high water season allows it.

  • Dinner at Amazon Açaí Lodge.

Day 3 Visit to Puerto Nariño and Maloca Moroapu 

  • Breakfast 7:00 A.M.

  • Departure by artisanal boat to Puerto Nariño.

  • Visit to the Moroapu maloca, Maloca Ticuna or grandparents' house.

  • During our visit, with the grandparents we will learn about traditional crops where we will learn about species used in traditional medicine, the grandparents will tell us stories and sing in their native language and we will learn about the crafts of the Ticuna indigenous people such as weaving chambira and painting Yanchama (palm fibers). and tree bark). 

  • We will learn about the skills in using the blowpipe and the bow and arrow.

  • Typical lunch at Maloca Moroapu.

  • Visit to Puerto Nariño, the natural crib of Colombia, tour of the town.

  • Visit to the Natutama foundation, talk about dolphins and other mammals of the Amazon.

  • Visit to the Naipata viewpoint where we will have a spectacular panoramic view of Puerto Nariño and the Amazon River.

  • Departure to the lakes of Tarapoto.

  • Visit and swim in the lakes of Tarapoto.

  • Observation of pink and gray dolphins of the Amazon.

  • Return to the lodge.

  • Dinner at Amazon Açaí Lodge

  • Night of jungle stories, myths and legends of the jungle.


Day 4 Return to Leticia

  • Breakfast 7:30 a.m.

  • Departure by speedboat to Leticia.

  • Arrival in Leticia, panoramic tour of Leticia and Tabatinga by Taxi (2 hours approx.)

  • Visit the Leticia market and the artisan galleries, the border of Tabatinga Brazil and Leticia Colombia, the Tabatinga market, the Tabatinga commercial area, the Comara viewpoint.

  • Transfer to the airport one hour before the flight.

End of our services.

Amazon Açaí Lodge Adventure Plan



  • Accommodation for 3 nights at Amazon Açaí Lodge in cabins with beds and private bathroom.

  • Complete food during your stay at Amazon Açaí Lodge.

  • Permanent hydration during your stay at the Lodge (water, coffee, aromatic and harvested fruit juice).

  • River transportation Leticia -  Amazon Açaí Lodge - Leticia

  • Transfer in-out

  • Permanent accompaniment of a native guide.

  • Make us experts in the area.

  • Attractions and Activities specified in the Program. 

  • medical care insurance COLASISTANCE

  • Rubber boots.

  • Waterproof.

  • Float vest.

  • Private and personalized service. 


Does not include:

  • Airline tickets.

  • Lanterns.

  • Food not specified.

  • Payment of income tax to Leticia at the Vásquez Cobo airport $ 45,000 per person.

Prices per person (COP):


3 people

5 People

4 people

1 person

2 people






Recommendations and suggestions, 


  • Carry your identification document, if you are a minor, identity card, or civil registry and parental authorization (if only one of the parents accompanies you and if the program requires it to leave the country), if you are a foreigner residing in Colombia the immigration card or passport (verify validity of the passport), this is mandatory to present to immigration  to leave Colombia and enter Brazil or Peru, as well as the current international vaccination certificate against yellow fever (apply it a minimum of 10 days before the trip.) and against tetanus (mandatory for any program).

  • Carry your medical assistance card or EPS card or pre-paid medicine.

  • Our plans include COLASISTENCIA medical assistance card.

  • A small auxiliary backpack for tours.

  • A large backpack that is easy to handle as luggage.

  • For your trip to the Amazon, include what is strictly necessary in your luggage, which we suggest is a small suitcase.

  • If you have a lot of luggage we can store it in our office in Leticia. 

  • Bring comfortable clothing that allows you freedom of movement, light and fresh (bring light-colored clothing, (not black or dark clothing) such as t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, swimwear, caps or hats, sunglasses, footwear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, enough socks as well as water bottles, raincoats, swamp boots, headlamps or flashlights with their respective batteries.

  • Repellent, sunscreen, and personal hygiene items.

  • If you are vegetarian or vegan or have a preference in your diet, let your agency know before the excursion. 

  • If you are allergic to consuming any type of food or if you suffer from an animal allergy, let your guide know in time for the tours.

  • If you take any prescription medication, please include it in your luggage.

  • Cameras with sufficient batteries if required, as well as an airtight plastic bag to isolate the equipment from humidity (and include tablets that absorb humidity).

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